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Digital Image Processing Important Questions R-16 Regulation

8/04/2019 02:24:00 AM

UNIT-1 (Part -1)

1) what is Digital Image Processing? Explain the origins of the Digital Image Processing
2) Explain the Fields that use Digital image Processing ?
3) Explain in brief the steps in Digital image processing ?
4) What are the Components of Digital Image Processing ,Explain ?
5) what is photopic  and scotopic vision ,how effects the vision of the human eye
6) explain image sampling and quantization ,explain with an example ?
7) what is resolution ? explain gray level and spatial resolutions ?
9) explain the basic relationship between the Pixels ?
10)explain the process of image acquisition?
11)explain different logical operations performed on the images?

UNIT-1 (Part -2)

12) explain 1D and 2D Fourier transform
13) explain properties of Fourier Transform
14) Discuss different types of transform
15) compare all types of transforms

16) represent the transform function for gray level contrast enhancement ?
17)explain the gray level transformations - 1.image negatives 2.log transform ?
18) explain piecewise-Linear transformation functions  ?1.contrast stretching   2.gray level slicing   3.bit-plane slicing
19)what is histogram ?
20)explain histogram Equalization ?
21)explain histogram matching (specification) ?
22)how the image get enhanced using the gradient operator(first derivative operator) ?
23) explain the use of second derivative operator for enhancing the image (laplacian operator) ?
24)explain briefly about smoothing by linear filters and order static filters?

UNIT-2 (Part-2)
25)explain the basic  properties of discrete Fourier transform ?
26)give the stepwise basics of filtering in frequency domain?
27)explain smoothing filters in frequency domain ideal low pass ,Butterworth low pass ,Gaussian low pass filters?
28)explain sharpening filters in frequency domain? ideal  high pass filters, Butterworth high pass, Gaussian high pass filters ?
29)give the basic formulation for high boost filtering ?
30)explain about homomorphic filtering  approach for image enhancement?

31)draw and explain degradation model /restoration process?
32)give basic formulation for noise models?
33)spatial filtering: (mean filters): arithmetic mean filter, geometric mean filter, harmonic mean filter , contra harmonic mean filter,?
34)explain briefly about notch and optimum notch filters?
35)explain about mean square error(Wiener) filtering?
36)explain about inverse filtering?
37)explain the image reconstructions using back projection using one example?
38)explain briefly about computed tomography?
39)explain radon transform with equations?
40)explain Fourier slice theorem ?
41)what is sinogram ,explain with an example ?

UNIT-4 (Part-1)

42)Explain Huffman coding, Golomb coding
43) explain Arithmetic coding, LZW coding, Run-Length coding
44) Explain Symbol-Based coding, Bit-Plane coding
45)  Block Transform coding, Explain Predictive coding
UNIT-4 (Part-2)

46)Explain Image pyramids in wavelets
47)Explain subband coding, Multiresolution expansions
48)Explain wavelet transforms in one dimensions & two dimensions
49)Explain Wavelet coding

UNIT-5 (Part-1)

50) explain various types of edge detection discontinuity techniques? (line, point, edge)
51)explain global thresholding ?
52)explain adaptive thresholding?
53)explain local thresholding?
54)explain region growing segmentation?
55)explain region splitting and merging in image segmentation?

UNIT-5 (Part-2)

56)what is Dilation ? explain with an example?
57)what is erosion ? explain with an example ?
58)give the basic formulation for opening and closing operations ? explain with an example ?
59)what are the properties of Opening and closing operations satisfies ?
60)explain Hit-or-Miss transform with an example ? give the basic formulation .
61)explain with an examples of basic morphological Algorithms
 i)boundary extraction   ii)region filling    iii)extraction of connected components   iv)convex hull                 v)thinning                 vi)thickening      vii)skeletons  viii)pruning
62)explain how the dilation and erosion operations can extended to gray scale images ? explain with an example


63)explain the color image fundamentals?
64)explain the RGB color model ?
65)explain the HSI color model ?
66)explain the CMY and CMYK color model ?
67)explain how the RGB color model converted in to HSI color space ?
68) explain how the HSI color model converted in to RGB  color space ?
69)with neat diagram explain intensity slicing in pseudo color image processing ?
70)how gray level converted to color in gray level transformation in pseudo color image processing ?
71)give an example for gray level transformation and explain ?
72)what are the basic formulation required for RGB,HSI and CMYK color models in full color processing ?
73)draw the color complement circle ?
74)what is color slicing and give the basic formulation ?
75)explain the terms Flat ,light and Dark terms in tonal correction ?
76)give the basic formulation for color image smoothing ,sharpening and segmentation ?
77)explain in brief Noise in color images ?

Digital Image Processing Important Questions R-16 Regulation Digital Image Processing Important Questions R-16 Regulation Reviewed by Suresh Bojja on 8/04/2019 02:24:00 AM Rating: 5

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