MPMC Important quetions for EEE

1)with a neat block diagram explain the architecture of 8086 microprocessor?        B.Suresh                
2)discuss about general purpose registers of 8086 mp?                                             ECE Department
3)explain the segmentation concept in 8086 mp?                                                      Amrita Sai  
4)discuss the various addressing modes of 8086mp?
5)discuss the interface signal in minimum mode and maximum mode?
6)explain the timing diagrams of 8086mp?
1)write a short notes on assembler directives?
1)draw the block diagram of 8255 PPI and explain each block?
2)explain the BSR mode of 8255PPI?
3)explain mode-0,mode-1 and mode-2 of 8255PPI with neat diagrams?
4)interface  stepper motor, A/D and D/A, KEY BOARD, seven segment display  to the 8086 MP
1)explain the system bus structure of 8086mp?
2)explain the interrupt structure of 8086mp?
3)explain 8259 PIC block diagram ?and features
4)explain OCWs and ICWs with suitable diagrams?
5)Need for DMA? explain DMA controller with neat block diagram?
6)memory interfacing problems?
unit -5
1)write a short notes on serial communication standard/
2)explain about MDS? and also about 20mA current loop?
3) how the MP based system will  be trouble shoot?
4)explain with neat block diagram about 8251 USART?
5)explain IEEE488 bus system?
1)give the features of 8051MC?
2)what are the differences between MP and MC?
3)explain the architecture of 8051 MC?
4)explain the pin diagram of 8051MC?
5)explain different addressing modes of 8051?
6)explain the instruction set of 8051MC?
7)explain the serial ports of 8051MC?
1)explain about 8051 timers/counters?
2)what are the special function registers of 8051?explain(very imp Q)
3)explain about serial communication of 8051MC?
1)interfacing diagram of seven segment display?
2)interfacing of stepper motor?
3)interfacing of keyboard?
4)interfacing of push button?
5)interfacing of relay?

6)interfacing of A/D and D/A  converters?
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