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 follow this procedure to get an effective Project Record 
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Before Table of Contents you have to include these documents

1)CERTIFICATE                             i

2)ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                                   ii

3)DECLARATION                                 iii 

in this you have to give assurance  that this  Project Report have not been submitted to any other University or Institute for the award of any other degree or diploma.
You have to include from this page in your table of contents (Index)
4)ABSTRACT : minimum of one or two pages      iv

                                          TABLE OF CONTENTS

ABSTRACT                                                                                                                   v                                                                                                                                           
TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                                 vi                                                                                                                                   
LIST OF TABLES                                                                                                         vii                                                                                                                                                   
LIST OF FIGURES                                                                                                       viii                                                                                                                                                  
LIST OF ABRIVATIONS                                                                                               xi           

CHAPTER 1 : 1. Intorduction About your Project
                            1.1  Overview                                                                                                                                                                              
            1.2  Problem statement                                                                                                                     
            1.3  Objective                                                                                                                                      
                            1.4 Thesis outline   

CHAPTER 2  : Introduction to your Project Basics i.e History and  related to your project, for idea just see bellow.(every thing related to your project which are helpful)                                                                                                                                               
            2.1 History of watermarking
            2.1.1 What is Digital Watermark
2.2 Features of digital watermarking
            2.2.1 Imperceptibility
            2.2.2 Robustness
            2.2.3 Security
            2.2.4 Capacity
            2.2.5 Multiple Watermarks
2.3 How Watermarking is Different from Steganography and Cryptography
            2.3.1 Steganography vs. Watermarking
            2.3.2 Cryptography vs. Watermarking
            2.3.3 How watermarking is better than Digital Signatures.
2.4 Classification of Watermarking Techniques
            2.4..1 Inserted Media Category
            2.4.2 Robust & Fragile Watermarking
            2.4.3 Visible & Transparent Watermarking
            2.4.4 Public & Private Watermarking
            2.4.5 Asymmetric & Symmetric Watermarking
            2.4.6 Steganographic & Non-Steganographic watermarking
2.5 Watermarking techniques
            2.5.1 Spatial Domain Techniques:
               Least Significant Bit (LSB) Technique
               Binary Image Watermarking
2.5.2 Frequency Domain Techniques
               DCT Watermarking Techniques
               Wavelet Watermarking
2.6 Daubechies Wavelet filter :
            2.6.1 Properties of the Daubechies Wavelet
            2.6.2 Advantages of the Daubechies Wavelet
2.7 Applications of watermarking
            2.7.1 Security:
               Conditional access:
            2.7.2 Copyright Protection
            2.7.3 Copy protection
            2.7.4 Other applications
2.8 Disadvantages of digital watermarking
            2.8.1 Degrade image quality
            2.8.2 Non -Authentic Result of Embedding Data      

CHAPTER 3: Literature Survey ( To implement your project what are the base papers you are refereed, that information you have to include in this chapter)                                                                                                                                                          
            3. Literature Survey
            3.1 Reversible Watermarking
            3.2 Digital Right Management(DRM)
                        3.2.1 Digital Right Management(DRM) for Watermarking
            3.3 Reversible Watermarking using Generalized LSB embedding
            3.4 Reversible Watermarking using Difference Expansion method
                        3.4.1 Feature map
                        3.4.2 Location map
3.5 Reversible Data embedding for Authentication of Robust Watermark
            3.5.1 The Idea of implementing the Tamper-proof Watermarks
3.6 The features of the Reversible Watermarking
            3.6.1 Robustness
            3.6.2 Imperceptibility
            3.6.3 Readily Embedding and Retrieving
            3.6.4 Blind watermarking
            3.6.5 Higher Embedding Capacity
3.7 Advantages of Reversible Watermarking
3.8 Attacks on Watermarks
            3.8.1 Removal attacks
            3.8.2 Geometric attacks
            3.8.3 Cryptographic attacks
            3.8.4 Protocol attacks
            3.8.5 Estimation-based attacks
            3.8.6 Copy attack
3.9 2D-Discrete Wavelet Transform Domain(DWT)

CHAPTER 4 : Implementation of your Project ,which includes your block diagram,how you are implemented that explanation you have to give                                                                                

4.  Watermarking Implementation                                                                                                  
    4.1 Watermark Embedding process               
          4.1.1 Block diagram of the Embedding Process                                                                              
           4.1.2 Feature map                                                                                                                          
           4.1.3 Location map              
           4.1.4 Coefficient Adjustment at Level-3                                                                                          4.1.5 Coefficient Adjustment at Level-2                                 
4.2 Watermark Extraction process                                                                                                         4.2.1 Block diagram of watermark extraction process
4.3 Performance Evaluation                                
 4.3.1 Mean Square Error (MSE)                                                                                                      
 4.3.2 Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) 
 4.3.3 Normalized Cross Correlation (NCC)                                                                                       
 4.3.4 Similarity (SIM)    

   CHAPTER 5 : Simulation Results (In this you have to give your results with proper                                                                           justification)                                                                                                                                   
5. Simulation Results                                                                                               
5.1 Images and Logo used for watermarking                                                                  
5.2 Simulation results without attacks                                                                
5.3 Attacks on watermarked image                                                                                
                        5.3.1 Self-Similarity                                                                                   
                        5.3.2 Salt and Pepper                                                                                     
                        5.3.3 Speckle noise                                                                                      
  5.3.4 Blur                                                                                                          
  5.3.5 Cropping                                                                                              

CHAPTER 6  : Conclusion and Future Scope                                                                                                                                             
             6. Conclusion (which include Project you are implemented that should be justified and                                      you have to give the project future scope)                                                                                                    

                  Bibliography : Reference papers                                                                                        Publications : You have to publish your paper in international Journal                                       Personal Profile : your Bio data                                                                                                               

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