ES (Embedded Systems) important Questions Unitwise

1. Explain the classification and applications of Embedded Systems.                                    
2. Define an embedded system. Give the differences between Embedded and General Computing System.
3. Define ‘an embedded system’. Discuss the components of Embedded System Model.
4. Explain the following: a) Memory b) Actuators c) Sensors.
5. Write notes on communication interface, embedded firmware and PCB.

1. Explain the characteristics of an Embedded Systems. 
2. Explain the Quality Attributes of an Embedded System.
3. Explain application specific embedded system with an example.
4.  Explain Automotive Embedded system with an example.


1. (a) Explain I/O types with suitable examples.      
2. Explain the following
    a) Serial Communication devices
    b) Parallel device ports
    c) Wireless devices

3. Explain the following
    a) Timer and Counting devices
    b) Watch dog timer
    c) Realtime Clock
4. Explain
    a) EDA tools.
    b) ORCAD EDA tools.
    c) Integrated Circuit Design.

 1.  Explain the concept of firmware design and development approaches.
 2. What is ISR? Explain Interrupt sources and Interrupt service mechanism.
3. (a) Differentiate ‘C’ and Embedded ‘C’?
    (b) Differentiate Compiler versus Cross compiler?
4. Explain the Concept of DMA and Device Driver Programming.
5.  What are multiple interrupts and give examples?

1. What is an Operating System? Explain different types of Operating Systems.                  
2. Explain
    a) Multiprocessing.
    b) Multitasking.
    c) Multischeduling.
3. Explain the Process of Task communication and Task Synchronization.
4. What are tasks, threads and device drivers? Explain how an RTOS can be selected?


1. Explain the following related to embedded system design technology.
                (a) Computational Model of Embedded system.
                (b) Hardware/Software Co-Design
2. Explain Hardware and Software Tradeoffs and also discuss Integrating hardware and firmware.
3. What is ICE and discuss the issues of Embedded System Design.

1. (a) Explain integrated development environment and files generated on Cross-compilation?      
2.  Explain Deassembler/Decompiler, Simulators and Emulators?
3. Write short notes on
    a) Debugging
    b) Target hardware debugging
4. Explain how Boundary Scan is performed?
5. Explain Embedded Software Development Process and Tools?

1.  Briefly explain the following in connection with embedded design technology.
                (i)            Main software Utility Tool.
                (ii)           CAD and its Hardware.
                (iii)          Pre-processors and Interpreters.
   2. Write short notes on the following
                a) Explain the use of Compilers and Linkers.
                b) Explain various debugging tools.
3. Explain the following related to embedded system design technology.
(a) Quality assurance and testing of the design.
(b) Testing on host machine.
4. Explain the following related to embedded system design technology.
                (a) Laboratory Tools
                (b)Debugging tools

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