JNTUK online important Multiple choice Questions for MPMC

1) If the segment address is 1005H and the offset is 5555H , Then the physical address is
a) 155A5 H      b) 16560 H      c) 155105 H     d) 155B5 H
2) the CPU of 8086 is able to address
a) 64KB            B) 1Mb                        c) 1MB                        d) 64 MB
3) MOV AX,[BX] instruction indicates what type of addressing mode
a) Register      b) Register Direct       c) Register Indirect     d) Immediate
4) A MACRO can be defined in a program
a) any where   b) only at the top        c) outside of the program       d) only at the bottom
5) In BSR mode of 8255 PPI which port can be set or reset
a) Port A                      B) Port B          c) Port A ND B             d) Port C
6)  Programmable interrupt controller is
a) 8258A          b) 8259A          c) 8255A          d) 8295A
7) Paging operation existed in which Microprocessor
a) 8086MP      b) 80286 MP   c) 80386MP     d)8085MP
8) Pentium Processor is _____________ architecture  processor
a) RISC             b) CISC             c) Hybrid RISC-CISC     d) RISC or CISC
9) 8051Micro controller is a _______________
a) 8 bit MC                  b) 16 bit MC                c) 20 bit MC    d) 4 bit MC
10) Which register is used to store  one of the operands for multiply and divide instructions in 8051MC
a) B Register               b) A Register               c) Both A and B           d) None
11) 8051 MC have ________________ Bytes of RAM
a) 64                b)128               c)256               d)512
12) the bellow processor is a numeric co-processor
a) 8087            b)8086             c)8088             d)8085
13) " cycle stealing ",this term is belongs to which controller
a) 8255 PPI                  B) 8257DMA               c) 8086MP       d) none
14) The interrupt type RST 7.5 has
a ) no priority              b) Lowest priority        c)Highest priority        d) none
15) microprocessor address bus is
a) bidirectional           b)unidirectional          c) both a & b               c) none
16) memory size can be defined as__________________(A=address lines , D= data lines )
a) 2A *D           b) 2D *A           c) 2*A*D         d) none
17) for 8086 microprocessor has_____________ ground pins
a) only one                  b) two              c) three           d) none
18) the instruction NOP means
a) No Operation          b) No Out Pins             c)No Out Processing               d)none
19) the instruction JNC is _______________instruction
a) control                    b) branching                c) transfer                   d) logical
20) 80286MP can be able to address _____________physical memory
a) 20MB                      b)16MB           c) 1MB                        d) 24MB

Answer Key : 1) a      2) c     3)c       4)a       5)d       6)b       7)c       8)c       9)a       10)a                             11)b            12)a     13)b     14)c     15)b     16)a     17)b     18)a     19)b     20)b
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