MPMC Important Questions for EEE (3-2)

Important questions Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
3-2 EEE
Unit – I
1. Draw and discuss the internal block diagram of 8086?
2. What do you meant by pipelined architecture? How is implemented in 8086?
3. Explain the concept of segmented memory? And What are its advantages?
4. Explain the physical address formation in 8086?
5. Draw and discuss the flag register of 8086 in brief?
6. Draw the register organization of 8086 and explain typical applications of each register?.
7. Explain the physical memory organization of 8086 system?
Unit -2
1.    Draw and discuss the read and write cycle timing diagrams of 8086 in minimum mode?
2.    Draw and discuss the read and write cycle timing diagrams of 8086 in maximum mode?
3.    Draw and discuss the minimum mode 8086 system?
4.    Draw and discuss the maximum mode 8086 system?
5.    What do you mean by addressing modes? What are the different addressing modes supported by 8086? Explain each of them with suitable examples?
6.    Explain the instruction set of 8086?
7.    What are the different instruction types of 8086?
8.    Bring out the difference between the jump and loop instructions?
9.    What is the difference between respective shifts and rotate instructions?
10.  Explain conditional loop instructions with examples?
11.  Write short notes on control transfer (Branch) instructions?
1.    What are assembler directives? Explain different assembler directives?
2.    Write short notes on Macros?
  1. Explain algorithm implementation of FOR loop.
  2. Explain algorithm implementation of IF-THEN-ELSE.
  3. Explain algorithm implementation of WHILE.
  4. Explain algorithm implementation of REPEAT.
Unit -4
  1. Explain by drawing the architecture of 8255 PPI?
  2. Discuss Bit set/reset modes in detail.
  3. Explain operational mode of mode 0 in 8255 PPI.
  4. Explain in detail about the interfacing of A to D converter.
  5. Discuss the interfacing of stepper motor in detail.
  6. Explain control word of mode 1 of 8255 PPI with timing diagram.
Unit -5
1.    Draw & Explain the architecture of DMA controller.
2.    Discuss in detail the block diagram of programmable interrupt controller with neat sketch?
3.    Explain the architecture diagram of 8279 in detail?
4.    Explain operational command words of 8259?
5.    Explain initialization command words of 8259?
6.    Explain operational command words of 8279?
7.    Explain initialization command words of 8279?
Unit -6
1.    Mention the difference between 8086 microprocessor & 8051 microcontroller?
  1. Explain PSW register in 8051 microcontroller?
  2. Write short notes on special fuction registers of 8051 microcontroller
a)    TCON b)SCON c)TMOD d)PCON e)IE f)IP
4.    Explain the architecture of 8051 microcontroller with a neat sketch?
5.    Explain about serial communication in 8051 microcontroller?
6.    Explain the interrupt priority in 8051 microcontroller?
7.    Explain timers and counters of 8051 microcontroller?
Unit -7
  1. Write an ALP in 8051 microcontroller to find 1’s & 2’s complement of CCh
  2. Explain the addressing modes of 8051 with examples?
  3. Write short notes on the instruction set of 8051 microcontroller
4. Write an A.L.P of factorial of 5 using 8051 microcontroller?
Unit -8
  1. Explain interacting of 8051 microcontroller with relay’s & latch connections?
  2. Explain in detail about the interfacing of D to A converter?
  3. Explain key board interfacing on 8051 microcontroller?
  4. Explain interfacing of seven segment display with 8051 microcontroller?
  5. Explain interfacing of 8051 microcontroller with LED’S?

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