DSP Important Questions for ECE (Units - 4,5,6)


1.    Explain the Butterworth filter.
2.      Explain the Chebyshev type I filter.
3.    Explain the Chebyshev polynomial.
4.    Explain the approximation of derivatives frequency translation method.


1.    Obtain the necessary expression for Interpolation process.
2.      Obtain the necessary expression for decimation process.
3.    Consider a signal x[n] = sin( πn×u[n]   
    i. Obtain a signal with a decimation factor ‘2’
    ii. Obtain a signal with a interpolation factor ‘2’.
4.    What are the applications of multirate signal processing and explain them?


1.    Explain with help of block diagram the architecture of TMS320C5X processor.
2.    Explain pipelining technique and VLIW architecture.
3.    What are the advantages of DSP processors over conventional microprocessors
4.    Explain MAC and VLIW architecture.

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