MPMC II-MID Important Questions for ECE


1)a)Explain the register organization of 80386 Microprocessor ?
   b) Mention any 7 data types in 80386 Microprocessor ?
2)a)explain the Paging mechanism in 80386 Micro processor?
    b) Compare 80386 DX and 80836 SX ?
3) a)explain virtual 8086 mode of 80386 Microprocessor ?
    b)explain enhanced instruction set of 80386 Microprocessor ?  
4)a) explain real and protected mode of addressing in 80386 Microprocessor?
   b) Give the description of  any 6 pins of  80386 Microprocessor ?


1)a)explain the memory organization of 8051 Micro controller ?
   b)what are the features of 8051 Micro controller?
2)a) explain the addressing modes of 8051 Micro controller ?
   b)what are the assembly language programming tools?
3)a)explain the block diagram or Architecture of 8051 Micro controller ?
   b)explain I/O ports of 8051 Micro controller?
4)a) explain how 8051 Micro controller memory is organized ?
   b)explain addressing modes of 8051 MC?


1)a)explain ARM architecture with neat block diagram?
   b)what are the features of PIC micro controller?
2)explain ARM /thumb programming model ?
3)explain interrupts in PIC 16C61/71 controller ?
4)explain I/O ports and timers of PIC ?
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