MEMS Unit wise Important Questions- UNITS: 1,2,3



1.what is meant by lithography. Explain with neat diagrams
2.what is doping explain types of doping
3.explain fusion bonding , what are the advantages and disadvantages
4.explain LIGA process with neat diagrams
5.explain the terms "sensing" and "Actuation" in MEMS devices.
6.what is piezoelectricity ? name some piezoelectricity materials for sensing and actuation.
7.what do you mean by MEMS gyroscope ? explain the principle of operation
8.explain with the help of neat diagram of inchworm technology and write down its applications.


1.write a short notes on thermal sensors and actuators.
2.explain working principle of Thermistors.
3.what are the thermal flow sensors ? explain about different types of flow sensors based on their working principle.
4.explain about shape memory alloys (SMA) and how it can be used in micro actuator explain.


1.what are the advantages and applications of MOEMS .
2.write short notes on DMD.
3.what is GLV .Explain different modes of operations. tuning is achieved using the Micro Optical Wave Guide (MOW).  

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