Embedded Systems Important Questions

 Embedded Systems Important Questions unit wise

1.        What is an embedded system? Explain various purposes of embedded systems in detail with illustrative example.
2.        Explain 1) serial communication devices 2) parallel device ports.
3.        Explain about embedded firmware design approaches. SureshQ
4.        Differentiate RISC & CISC processors. What are the factors that are considered while selecting a memory.
5.        Explain I/O types with examples.SureshQ
6.        What is the difference between compiler vs cross-compiler. Explain source file to object file translation process.sureshQ
7.        Explain Quality attributes of embedded systems.
8.        Explain wireless devices with examples. And write an overview on analog & digital electronic components used in embedded system development.SureshQ
9.        What are the sources of interrupts & explain how they are handled.
10.    Explain briefly about application specific embedded systems with neat diagram.
11.    Explain timer & counting devices with examples, watch dog timer and real time clock.
12.    Explain interrupt service mechanism. Draw & explain DMA(Direct Memory Access).

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