MPMC Important Questions for ECE : R13 Regulations

subject: Microprocessors  and Microcontrollers ,Name of the Faculty :B.Suresh , 
UNIT-I:8086/8088 Microprocessors
1_Explain the Architecture of 8086/8088 Microprocessor with neat diagram(Pg No: 4,29 ,A.K. Ray)
2_How the Registers are organized in 8086/8088 Microprocessor (Pg No: 2 ,A.K. Ray)
3_Explain the timing Diagrams of 8086 Microprocessor ( in Minimum and Maximum mode) (Pg No:17, 27)
4_Explain different types of Addressing modes with example(Pg No: 41 ,A.K. Ray)
5_Give the five examples for different types of instruction set of 8086 Microprocessor
6_Explain about Assembler Directives of MASM programming tool of 8086 Microprocessor
7_Explian the pin functionality of 8086 Microprocessor (Pg No: 9 ,A.K. Ray)
8_Expain the Flag Registers of 8086MP (Pg No: 7 ,A.K. Ray)
9_Explain how the memory segmentation  is done  in 8086 MP(Pg No: 6 ,A.K. Ray)
10_Explain Physical memory organization of 8086 MP with neat diagram?
UNIT -III:Basic Peripherals and Their Interfacing with 8086
1_Explian the Architecture of 8255 PPI with neat diagram (Pg no:184, A.K Ray )
2_Explain the Different modes( mode-0,mode-1,mode-2) of operation of 8255 PPI with neat sketches
3_problems on ROM/RAM interfacing to 8086 Microprocessor (memory mapping)
4_Explain the difference between memory mapping and I/O mapping (Pg no:177, A.K Ray )
5_Explain how the Latches(74LS373)/buffers(74LS245) are interfaced to 8086 Microprocessor(Pg no:173 )
6_With neat diagram explain the interfacing of stepper motor to the 8086 Microprocessor
7_Explain the interfacing of DAC to the 8086 Microprocessor using 8255 PPI and write ALP
8_Explain the interfacing of ADC to the 8086 Microprocessor using 8255 PPI and write ALP
9_Expalin how the high power devices are interfaced to 8086 MP using 8255PPI(verify the material/Notes)
10_what is DMA ?explain the DMA operation with neat block diagram?
11_explain the 8257DMA architecture with neat block diagram ?
12_explain 8259PIC Architecture with neat block diagram ?
13_explain the architecture of 8251USART with neat diagram ?
UNIT-IV: Advanced Microprocessors
1_Ggive the salient feature of 80386 Microprocessor(Pg No: 506 ,A.K. Ray)
2_Give the functional Block Diagram of 80386 MP and Explain each Block
3_Expain the addressing modes of 80386MP with Example(Pg No: 512 ,A.K. Ray)
4_Explain how the registers are organized in 80386MP (Pg No: 510 ,A.K. Ray)
5_Explain the concept of Segmentation and paging (Pg No: 516,518 ,A.K. Ray)
6_Explain Real and Virtual 8086 mode of 80386MP with necessary diagrams.
7_what  are the features of 80387 co-processor (Pg No:525 ,A.K. Ray)
UNIT-V:8051 Microcontroller
1_What are the features of 8051 Microcontroller
2_Give the architecture details of 8051MC
3_ Explain the pin functionality of 8051
4_Explain the I/O ports of 8051MC
5_Explain the Addressing modes of 8051 MC
6_Give the 5 examples, for each instruction set of 8051MC
7_Explain Assembly Language Programming tools
8_how the memory is organized in 8051MC ,explain with neat diagram
9_explain the SFR(special function registers)  of 8051Microcontroller?
UNIT-VI:PIC Microcontrollers  & ARM 32-Bit Microcontroller for this refer Dhesmuk Textbook
1_Give brief overview and features of PIC 16Cx/7x Microcontrollers(PPT)
2_Explain different PIC 16Cx/7x of differences in Table form(PPT)
3_Explain the Interrupts in PIC 16C1/71(Pg No:138)
4_ explain what is Brown-out reset feature in PIC. How do PIC microcontroller support the Power saving options?   
5_explain what is the meaning of orthogonal instruction set .Is PIC instruction set orthogonal ?
6_justify the statement "once the watch dog timer is enabled (disabled),it is not possible to make it off (on)? (Pg No:143)
7_write about TIMERS in 16C877 Flash Microcontroller(timer 0,timer 1,timer 2 and Watchdog timer)(Pg No:172)
8_what is pre scaling and post scaling in timer 2?what is the advantage using post scaling?
9_write a short notes on DATAEEPROM and FLASHEEPROM ? (Pg No:160)
10_explain about I/O ports of 16F877 microcontroller ?( Pg No:170)
1_give the architecture details of ARM based Processor with neat Diagram?
2_explain ARM /Thumb Programming Model?
3_expalin ARM/Thumb Instruction set with example?
4_give the brief introduction about ARM(32-bit)/ 16(thumb) microcontroller?
From Unit -II : Study the interrupts of 8086 Hardware,software,vectrored and non Vectored interrupts
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