DSD DICA I-MID Important Questions R-13 Regulation

DSD DICA I-MID Important Questions R-13 Regulation


1) Explain about the Objects and Classes.
2) Write shot note on Functional Gate-Level verification    sureshQ
3) Write short note on package declaration.
4) Write VHDL code for D- Flip -Flop using behavioral modeling
5)Write VHDL code for half subtractor using data flow modeling.
6) Comparison of VHDL and Verilog HDL.
 7) Write in brief about the history of VHDL
8) What are the steps involved in Design Flow using VHDL.

1)what is logic synthesis with block diagram?
2) Explain about place and route with block diagram
3)What is  simulation  with block diagram
 4)Explain about features of VHDL
5) Explain about following terms
(i) Technology library
(ii) Programming structure of VHDL
6) write VHDL code for  half adder using structural modeling     sureshQ
7)Explain about inside logicsythsizer with block diagram

1)Explain about following teams     sureshQ
  a). AND- Matrix
  b). OR- Matrix
2)Implement the following  function by using PLA
              F1= ∑m(1,2,3) ,F2=∑m(0,1).
3) Write VHDL code for below functions using behavioral modeling
                   F1= ∑m(1,2,3) ,F2=∑m(0,1).

4)Explain different Commercial ROM types.  sureshQ
 5) Explain the DRAM read and write cycle timings with help of waveforms.
7)Explain the operation of  SRAM with the help of its internal architecture
8) Draw and explain the 1-bit memory cell of a Dynamic RAM

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