DSD and DICA II MID Important Questions

1. Explain CMOC Circuit Behavior With Resistive Loads And Discuss The Dynamic Electrical Behavior?

2. Design 2-Input And Gate And Or Gate Using CMOS With Truth Table And Operational Diagrams?
3.a)Design Transistor Circuit Of 2-I/P ECL nor gate and explain the operation with functional table?
   b). Draw The Circuit Diagram Of Basic TTL NAND Gate With Functional Table?
4. Design 4-I/P CMOS OR-AND-INVERTER And Explain The Circuit With The Help Of Logic Diagrams And Function Table.
5. Design Full adder Using Two Half Adders Write VHDL Code For Above Implementation In Structural Model?
6. Design 2-Bit Comparator And Write VHDL Program For It?
7.a).Write VHDL Code For 1*4 De Multiplexer
    b).Write VHDL Code For 3*8 Decoder Using 74*138
8.a).Design The Logic Circuit AND WRITE A DATAFLOW STYLE VHDL Program For The Fallowing F(A,B,C,D)=∑M(0,1,3,5,14)+∑D(8,15)
b).Write Data Flow VHDL Program For 4*1 Multiplexer
9. Design 4-Bit Synchronous Counter And Write Behavioral Model Program And Explain With Wave Form?
10. a). Discuss About Working Of Johnson Counter Using 74*Ls 194 .
    b).Write VHDL Program For To Simulate Behavior Of Positive Edge Triggered D-Flip Flop?
11.a).Convert The SR Flip Flop Into D Flip Flop
   b).What Are The Difference Between Latch And Flip Flop?
12.a).Explain How A JK Flip Flop Can Be Constructed Using A T Flip flop
   b).Design Mod-5 Counter?

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