II B.Tech II MID Exam important Questions

1.a)Explain procedure of converting colours from HIS to RGB and RGB to HIS




      b) Briefly discuss about complements of the colour circle
   2.a)what is pseudo colour image processing . explain
   3.b)discuss about CMY and CMYK Colour models   
a)explain about color image smoothing and sharpening

   b)explain histogram processing of color images   4.Explain about color models in Image processing

Write a short nots on image pyramids and Sub-band coding
Explain Huffman coding with an Example
Explain 2-D wavelet transform with equations
Draw and explain general image compression system

Explain the following morphological operations – Erosion , Dilation and Hit or Miss transforms
Explain about Point, line, Edge detection
Explain Region growing algorithms?
Explain morphological algorithms 1) Thinning 2) thickening 3) region filling 4) Boundary extraction.


Design a duplexer with a circulator? Derive the effective noise temperature of N-antenna system?
Explain the types of feed techniques in radar system? Derive the noise figure of the 2-cascaded network?
Write short notes on constant false alarm rate receiver? Explain the working principle of Branch –type duplexer?
Briefly explain types of displays? Explain the working principle of Balanced type Duplexer?
Explain the Beam Steering and Beam Width changes?
Give Applications, Advantages and Limitations of Phase Shifters.
What components are used as radiators in phased arrays?.
Derive the response characteristics of a matched filter?

List out the functions of the radar antenna?

What is a radome? What are the applications with radome? Explain the function of low-angle tracking system?.
Explain the working of each block in mono pulse two-angle co-ordinate


Briefly explain about reflector antennas?

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