BED Imp Questions unit wise ( 4 , 5 , 6 Units)

MID -II Imp Questions unit wise

              1)      a)What is thermal runaway? Explain it
              b) explain how thermal runaway can be avoided in elf bias circuit ?

              2)      a)explain the operation of IGBT with neat diagrams ?
              b) draw and explain the equivalent circuit of SCR

             3)      a) what are the conditions for oscillations ?
              b) explain amplitude and frequency stability of oscillator ?
4)      a) Analyze the CE Configuration with H-parameters?
b) What is Q point explain?

5)      Explain Enhancement mode and Depletion mode MOSFET with necessary diagrams?

6)      Explain general characteristics of Negative feedback amplifiers?
7)      Draw the CB, CE, CC configuration input and output characteristics and explain about leakage current?
8)      Explain JFET characteristics and derive the necessary expressions?
9)      Explain classification of feedback amplifiers?
10)      a)what are the different current gains in a transistor ? derive the relationship between them 
b) Explain how transistor acts as a switch?

11)      a) Explain with neat diagram SCR characteristics?
b) Compare different types of power devices?

12)      a) Draw the equivalent circuit for crystal oscillator and explain it ?

b) Derive the expression for the frequency of oscillations for RC Phase shift oscillator?
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